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One of the reasons I haven’t been able to post, I’ve been really busy lately and this is one of the projects I was involved at Passion Pictures.

Helped Rick and Mario (art directors) with some modelling, textures, lookdev, light, render and comp. Lots of fun during the process 🙂

Full credits on vimeo link.

Jack Daniels ‘Tennessee Honey’ from Passion Pictures on Vimeo.

I gotta say I’ve been busy as hell! But as I bought some tools/toys =P I had to take some time from my sleep to play a little bit… I’ve spent around 3 hours on this little bust and the design wasn’t something to care 😉 I’ve had fun.  I used C9, kind of chavant medium

Sketch_Bust_C9 (2011)

Funny thing 😉 I was invited to give an interview to a 3D brazilian forum called 3D4all

I found strange as I wasn’t expecting any of this and I haven’t thought I’d have something to add but I find fun doing it 😛

There are 2 problems I’m afraid… it is that it’a brazilian forum so you gotta understand  portuguese, also to achieve the actual interview you’ve got to be member of this forum, can’t access without it!

If you are still interested here’s the topic  link! >> INTERVIEW <<

Interview - 3d4all

I really hope I wasn’t too boring, but it’s really hard being short on the answers 😉

Also, I hadn’t no idea about the main pic… =P


Well, just an small update… I’ve figured I should post as I’m gonna be snowed under for the next couple of weeks 🙂


Veteran WIP (2011)

Another update, changed the main shape and added some wrinkles experimenting different techniques that I’m still getting used to…  🙂


Basically I was waiting a simple render on my computer when I looked at my first sculpture and decided to play a little bit adding some age and expressions. Didn’t spend a long time, just wanted to block the details… it was definitely fun, I might try to finish when I have another render to do 😛

Here’s a cool article at cgtalk talking about the work MPC has done on Harry Potter 7


I’m glad to be part of the team, I’ve done the textures and Mudbox Displacement on Hagrid’s high res Digital Double.

Images taken from the trailer and the cgtalk article

First post of 2011! I’ve been away since Christmas spending an amazing time in Brazil with my family and friends!

And not to fell totally useless over there I’ve decided to join some friends to sculpt and drink (of course!). We’ve recorded and here’s the  LINK TO THE VIDEO if you’d like to see.

Even spending a little more than 3 hours sculpting, not being experienced, doing a full body for the first time and drinking a lot I’m sure I’ve learnt a lot with those amazing artists, also it was fun!

(left to right) – Rafael Oliveira, Rafael Grassetti, Pixote Mushi, Glauco Longhi and myself

Just pretending

Well, I don’t know what it looks like but fair enough for 3 hours

I’ve used Monster Clay on this one, quite interesting 😉


Another lunch time sketch 😉  Nothing special again, just spending time doing something…

Well, my last post this year! So Merry Christmas! Nothing more beautiful than a skinny monster with a lot of teeth!


Monster - Mudbox Sketch

Trying a different approach I’ve decided to color this guy from my sketchbook…